Friday, April 11, 2014

The iNacho Bitcoin Contest continues

Yesterday, an article was reported about iNacho and The Bitcoin Contest by . We are slowly gaining some press as this has been reblogged in a few places including TheBitcoinNews and Reddit as well as retweeted around twitter.

That being said, as anyone comes across problems when trying to use the app, please feel free to send email to with all of the details so we can help troubleshoot and submit fixes.

As for the contest, currently, we have 6 reviews out of the 100 required and we also received some other new reviews that did not have pictures so cannot be counted towards the contest. There are still a good many valid reviews to be submitted before we can give away the bitcoin but there is plenty of time for that to happen. You can keep track of our review count for the contest on our home page:

Also, when sharing your reviews or tweeting about the contest, feel free to use hashtags such as #bitcoin, #nachos, #iNacho, and #iNachoBitcoins .

Remember the rules of the contest:

1. Valid nacho reviews include a picture, a star rating, a location, and various toppings as provided by the app. Description is not required but appreciated. Reviews must also be done at the time of service and cannot be from a past experience. They also must be at an establishment, not in your own home. Finally, they cannot be duplicate reviews for the same establishment by the same person. Outside of these guidelines, iNacho reserves the right to determine what is a valid review.
2. Invalid nacho reviews will not be counted towards the end goal (100 reviews) or the drawing for the prize.
3. Valid nacho reviews must be from the United States of America.
4. Winner will be selected from a random drawing of all of the valid reviews that have been entered in the time period allotted. Multiple entries are accepted and will increase each person's odds of winning.
5. Prize awarded to the winner is 1 bitcoin. Winner will be contacted via email for their receiving bitcoin wallet address (public key). Once this is received, we will transfer 1 bitcoin to the winner.
6. If minimum number of reviews (100) is not reached within the allotted time (90 days) then no winner will be selected.

That being said, we are excited about more people using iNacho as well as the impact this contest will make on the bitcoin community. So keep on Nacho-ing! =)

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