Monday, March 31, 2014

iNacho Bitcoin Contest

iNacho is starting a new contest: 

For the next 90 days , if we receive at least 100 new valid nacho reviews, we will select one winning user from those 90 days of valid reviews to receive:

(1 bitcoin is worth ~ $400-$1000 depending on the day) 

This is no joke!!!

What is a bitcoin, you ask? Bitcoin is a new and upcoming currency you can use to buy all kinds of things and its versatility is growing. takes bitcoin and sells giftcards for a plethora of stores as well.

To read more about bitcoin, check out: .
CNN Money also has a good article on it here:

Update 2/2/2018: An updated guide about Bitcoin can be found here:

Contest Tips: 
1. Review nachos. Enough said.
2. Take a picture before you dig into the nachos, try them, and then review them selecting the picture you took before.
3. Share your reviews and the contest with your friends. It's in your own best interest because no winner will be selected if not enough reviews are submitted.

Contest Details:
1. Valid nacho reviews include a picture, a star rating, a location, and various toppings as provided by the app. Description is not required but appreciated. Reviews must also be done at the time of service and cannot be from a past experience. They also must be at an establishment, not in your own home. Finally, they cannot be duplicate reviews for the same establishment by the same person. Outside of these guidelines, iNacho reserves the right to determine what is a valid review.
2. Invalid nacho reviews will not be counted towards the end goal (100 reviews) or the drawing for the prize.
3. Valid nacho reviews must be from the United States of America.
4. Winner will be selected from a random drawing of all of the valid reviews that have been entered in the time period allotted. Multiple entries are accepted and will increase each person's odds of winning.
5. Prize awarded to the winner is 1 bitcoin. Winner will be contacted via email for their receiving bitcoin wallet address (public key). Once this is received, we will transfer 1 bitcoin to the winner.
6. If minimum number of reviews (100) is not reached within the allotted time (90 days) then no winner will be selected.

Happy Nacho-ing!


  1. Hi Jerica, I appreciated your "How giving away a Bitcoin can give back" post, I think you are doing great for the bitcoin community.
    I can't review the app (not in the US), but I wanted to share iNacho contest on
    It will be published here and tweeted tomorrow:

    We are just getting started, I will tweet your contest again when I my followers list grows ;)

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  3. Regarding the wager there is just one problem. My volatility remark was a qualified one. I said that the more people adopt it, the more volatile it'll get. If the number of people using it stays roughly constant, then the price might actually be stable. So maybe we'd have to include a measure of the adoption/usage of Bitcoin. bitcoin hosting

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