Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 360iDev Free Nacho Contest!

This last week in August, I attended the 360iDev 2014 Conference and had a blast!

To supplement the fun and to encourage those I met at the conference to rate nachos in their home towns, I'm starting a new Free Nachos Contest!

In the next 10 days if we receive 10 new nacho reviews, one lucky winner will receive Free Nachos!

Fine print/Rules:

1. Valid nacho reviews include a picture, a star rating, a location, and various toppings as provided by the app. Description is not required but appreciated. Reviews must also be done at the time of service and cannot be from a past experience. They also must be at an establishment (not in your own home). Finally, they cannot be duplicate reviews for the same establishment by the same person.
2. Invalid nacho reviews will be removed, and not counted towards the end goal.
3. Winner will be selected from a random drawing of all of the reviews that have been entered in the time period allotted. Multiple entries are accepted and will help each person's chances of winning.
4. Prize awarded to winner is not in any form actual food (ie Nachos) but instead will include $10 in either paypal transfer or mailed Visa giftcard which the user can then choose to purchase nachos with if they so desire.
5. If minimum number of reviews (10) is not reached within the allotted time (10 days) then no winner will be selected.