Friday, February 8, 2013

iNacho 1.1 Released

iNacho has a new look and feel! The website has sported it for a while now but the application itself received a facelift yesterday when Apple approved the updated.

What's new in iNacho 1.1:
  • Ability to add your own location
  • Automatic caching of images
  • Can now share reviews via Twitter, SMS, and email as well as Facebook (iOS 6.x only)
  • iOS 6.1 support
  • Updated authentication API
  • Find reviews automatically sorts with highest average ratings first
  • Various bugfixes

What's next?
  • More tweaks to version 1.1
  • iNacho Free will be released with version 1.1
  • Some new developments will be announced
  • Development on the android version will commence

I'm excited to see the application start to take shape and would encourage everyone to continue submitting nacho reviews. Thanks!