Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Find Nachos you can pay for with Bitcoin!

Today iNacho releases version 1.8 with a new feature: Find nacho venues that take Bitcoin as accepted currency! 

This feature manifests itself in four different ways within the app. (Note: The screenshots show test data only)

1. When finding nacho reviews based on your current location, you'll notice a new indicator showing whether the location takes bitcoin or not.

2. There is now a filter next to the Mile Radius toggle that allows you to toggle whether you want to only find locations that accept bitcoin or not.

3. When viewing reviews, you'll see each individual review designates whether the location takes bitcoin.

4. And finally, when submitting a review, you have the option of toggling whether the location takes bitcoin or not.

So once again, we encourage you all to keep reviewing nachos and now with the power of finding venues that accept bitcoin so we can continue spreading the word.

And remember, we're still giving away 1 free bitcoin to one lucky winner on July 1st!