Sunday, December 2, 2012

iNacho Origins

Soon after my boyfriend and I started dating, he took me to see the Pacific Northwest Ballet's  The Nutcracker. That night, on our way home, we didn't want the date to end and we were hungry so we stopped at a place neither of us had been before, a simple mexican restaraunt nearby. We weren't hungry enough to order full meals and it was getting late so we simply ordered a small plate of nachos along with our tequila.

A tradition was born from that night and we soon found ourselves sampling nachos from all kinds of places in the area. At some point, my boyfriend asked me if there was some way to find nachos based on reviews. After some quick searches, we couldn't find anything in particular that worked for us and I decided to go the extra mile and write an app that did the job.

Now the first version of iNacho is out on the AppStore and a free version is pending review. I hope you enjoy the app and enjoy your nachos. =)

Planned Feature upgrades:
- Add more toppings as options for reviews
- Add Twitter login and sharing support

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